Small, but Wonderful!

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I guess I must be ready for spring because I am so excited by the smallest of details in nature around me.  It starts when the spring flowers begin to bloom and my trip to the Carlsbad Flower Fields reignited the excitement.  I think that any time I look at just one element…a leaf, a petal, a bee busy at work…that in and of itself would be enough.   But when I consider the complexities of the whole, even just what is in my line of vision, and how they all work together to make something so beautiful, I am amazed that anyone could ever consider that there was not a divine hand in Creation.  I am reminded that great care went into even the little spider's dinner table.  Small, almost not noticeable, but very wonderful.  And then there's the flowers…

For, consider the lilies of the field, how they grow, they toil not, neither do they spin; and the kingdoms of the world, in all their glory, are not arrayed like one of these.  D&C 84:82

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