Celebrity Sighting…Well, Sort of!

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Girl's day out at Disneyland always includes being on the hunt for "famous" people.  Actually, we are always looking for "famous" people when we go to large public venues.  But Disneyland is a good bet.  Considering there are 365 days in a year, chances are good that there is going to be at least one "famous" person SOMEWHERE in the park.  The odds of you running across them are more diluted depending on the size of the crowd.  Admittedly, chances of finding them are a totally different story.  Once you find them, you have to decide how aggressive you want to be to document it.  Nonchalantly getting a picture while allowing the celebrity a certain amount of privacy is a trick and not conducive to good pictures.  I don't want to stalk or get in their face.

Our first "celebrity" sighting happened when we entered the parking structure.  Before we could even get parked we saw…Wmobile-in-parking-structure
The Weiner-mobile!  They were at the attendants booth the same time as we were.  The passenger of the Weiner-mobile handed the attendant some Wienie whistles, which I unashamedly asked for 3 for us.  We wanted to chase it down, but settled for tracking it down in the outside parking.  The occupants were no longer with it, but we could still get some pictures…FUN! 


Loved the license plate!

After riding the tram to the park entrance, we decided to go into California Adventure first.  Soaring Over California is always a good park starter.  My favorite ride at CA is Toy Story Mania, but we don't often get on that ride, #1 because we get all the way over there and its a hour wait…which we don't do, or #2, the ride is down.  When we got over to the ride and there was about a 25 minute wait, we decided to stay.  It was there that we saw our second celebrity…sort of.  Megan mentioned that there was a guy that looked like Tim Holtz.  I looked over and said "It is Tim Holtz!" 

He was behind us in line, but we kept crossing paths in the famous Disney-line-serpentine.  I kept trying to inconspicuously snap his picture while pretending to snap Seija's picture. 

It is hard when the subject is moving and doesn't know someone is trying to take his picture.  There was a lady behind us who asked us who the famous person was.  I tried to explain that we were scrapbookers and Tim Holtz was an artist/designer that was "famous" in our world…she didn't get it.  She offered to take pictures of us with him, but I really don't like to bother people when they are someplace for fun with friends.  My photography wasn't super successful, but he has a really nice elbow and pin collection! 

There was definitely a lighting issue and I only had my little Sony Cyber-shot, which is all I will commit to carrying to Disneyland any more.

It was beautiful weather at Disneyland. 

We drank too much Diet Coke!  Which neccesitated too many pit stops.

Pit-stopsThey had oodles of new merchandise, that I managed to refrain from buying, or at least mostly refrained.   
We got our Monte Cristo sandwiches and Pomme Fries, I got on Toy Story Mania, we saw the Weiner-mobile and Tim Holtz.  All in all, it was a good day!

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