Hit Me Cupid!

Feb 3, 10 • Valentine's DayComments Off on Hit Me Cupid!

(I am trying to get everyone that comes to this blog to also visit the new justhelenscrafts blog…more ideas, less chat!  So if it doubles up for a little while, please bear with me!)

I am a fairly frugal person.  I can be kind of tight when it comes to spending money on paper crafting supplies, mostly because I already have so much that I will never use it all up…EVER!  If I can buy it at Michaels, I will use my 40% off coupon to build my stash.  But I love it when I can find something super cute that and find it in the dollar bins!  I think the key is to find it early, when they first put it into the bins, although if you don't mind using it next year, you can often find it 50% or more off after the current season is over.  But if it comes from the dollar bin, I don't mind splurging!  So this year I found this darling cupid.  On a previous trip to Tall Mouse up in Orange County, I found the little Studio G clear stamp pack that had the phrase on it.  They were a perfect match.  I don't use my chalks very much anymore, but just a little color seemed appropriate for the project.  For a finishing touch, every winged being should have a little sparkle on their wings.  You can find out how to make this by going to the Valentine Card album on the right and simple directions will be there!

Here is the original, more simple design that we did for our Relief Society card making night.  Simple, but very cute!

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