Christmas is Finally Away…

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At least, most of it!  You all know how hard it is to not miss something!  That Christmas stocking that someone carried into their room, that box of ornaments that got covered by a jacket on an out of the way chair.  Putting away our boxes is such a rush and madness that once they get up in the attic – and this is not a traditional attic with stairs that I can go up into…it's a garage attic that requires a big ladder and some major muscles – if we have "stuff" (more of that collection at my house) that we miss, it may be sitting around until we get the Easter "stuff" down!  Thankfully, that's the next holiday when we have decorations with any major bulk, and the containers are minimal…mostly baskets.  Anyway, I'm making a pile.  Hopefully, as I clean my workroom, I won't find too much more Christmas stuff!  I do keep all my Christmas scrapbooking "stuff" in my workroom all year…who knows when the urge to scrapbook the holiday might come upon me…so it is better if it is all kept together.  But I have work to do, so I must keep cleaning!  Perhaps when it is more organized, so will my brain be…which you can tell that "it" isn't just by my sentence formation! 

A couple of days later…

It is not a good idea to walk away when you are in the middle of writing a post.  I can't remember what it was that I wanted to focus on!  But I can say that I've got a bug to try something new, but until I actually do it, I'm keeping it all a big secret.  I have been in contact with my Mom to have her be on the look out for supplies needed – she is quite helpful in this sort of endeavor. 


I can also say that I am very excited about attending CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) Show in Anaheim.  It starts on Sunday, Jan. 24th, but I won't go until Monday – wouldn't want to miss church!  But it's okay - my feet will be totally tired after 2 1/2 days of walking the show, especially if we go into Disneyland, which I am planning on doing.  Two and a half days should be enough and fun, fun, fun!!!

Can't help myself…I've made some more Valentines.  The Scouts are out camping tonight, so I can stay up all night if I want to…or I can be a responsible adult and go to bed at a decent hour…no, don't think so.  I'm a night person and can get an incredible amount done if I keep going, so I think I'll work all night!



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