A Cold, Rainy Day in Southern California

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Teenage boys are so funny.  For weeks now, I have had to remind – or FORCE – my 15-year-old to wear a jacket when we head off to Seminary at 5:50am.  He didn't wear one this morning.  I mentioned, as we were driving down the road, that he might regret not having one later in the day when the rain was expected to come.  Clear skies might make you forget the impending storm.  His high school has buildings where outside travel is required to get from one block to another.  As a Scout, you can have the motto, but being a teenager means you might just forget your training.  Experience is a great teacher!

We pray for rain here in the coastal desert climate.  I don't remember much rain in San Diego last year, but there was enough to cause trouble.  We have the yearly wild (or man-caused) fires and as a result, when it does rain there is the chance of mudslides.  So sandbags are available for those that are concerned about controlling their hillsides.  But, other than the complications that come for some, I love the gray, cold, rainy days…probably since we don't get enough of them!  It makes me want to be busy in my kitchen, cuddle up in blanket and watch old movies…not all at the same time, of course, but after one's work in the kitchen, some down time seems appropriate, especially on a rainy day!  I don't allow myself much down time to actually sit and do something other than work, but today might be a good day to try it out!  What to cook for dinner?  I'm not sure.  I have plenty of food to choose from, just no ideas yet.  I have been hankering for some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies…hot, with a glass of cold milk!  I'd better get busy – the day is half gone!

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