Snow in San Diego?

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To a casual passerby, the small pile of what appears to be snow next to our front sidewalk may appear to be remnants of a trip to the mountains, since actual snow in San Diego is HIGHLY unlikely.  To the residents of our house, a once in a blue moon occurrence has happened.  While trying to fit our frozen food purchases in our outside freezer today, it was determined by Meg that this could not be accomplished without first defrosting our 20 plus year old upright freezer.  Megan was the official "defroster", and I was her assistant, carrying big pots of ice chunks and shaved ice outside.  Not really enough to build an actual snowman (5' X 2' by 1'high), but funny to see how many pots it took to carry it out.  While at the grocery store, we were just talking about how little we had actually gotten accomplished today, and now we can end the day with a feeling of success, knowing that there is plenty of room to add more frozen goods to the shelf.  One of these days, we are going to need to get a new freezer, but until then, I am happy with the hand-me-down upright from my MIL, grateful that my husband is clever enough to figure out a way to add a latched lock to it so it doesn't accidentally get left slightly ajar.  This is one of those "finding joy in the moment" times!

I have determined that if I do at least one Valentine card a day, I should have enough to mail or pass out.  So here's one for today's installment!

I do like to keep things simple.  That's my favorite style.  I have been known to do more elaborate creations, but I prefer to keep the elements simple.  I frequently cut out my shapes and hearts are really easy to make patterns for.  If you want your heart even, do the traditional fold down the middle of a scrap piece of paper.  If you plan on making a few, use cardstock for your pattern.  Trace around the pattern and carefully cut along the line.  If that doesn't work, planned or by chance, imperfection is the very next best thing!  Edges can always be distressed, chalked, inked or rumpled so no one will be the wiser.  Let everyone think you planned it that way!

Some of my favorite new favorite scrapbook tools are the little inexpensive clear stamps.  You can load up for next to nothing, and the phrases and designs are small and convenient for card making.  They are great for sharing, too!

Have fun!

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