On the Rhodes Again…Update!

Dec 11, 09 • UncategorizedComments Off on On the Rhodes Again…Update!

Did I forget to figure in a rainy day?  My house smells wonderful, but I am skeptical about completing my goal according to schedule.  I didn't know this before I started this project, but trying to get bread to rise can be more unpredictable than getting children up in the morning…unless we are all going to Disneyland.  Hmmmm…I wonder if I made the rolls into Mickey Mouse heads if they would behave any better?  Oh…did I mention that I burned the first batch?  Those cute little clover leafs in the muffin tins?  Yep!  With the heat circulating all around their bottoms, they cooked WAY faster.  Drat!  It's good that I have a couple of extra bags to work with!  Bake, I mean back to the kitchen!

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