I Don’t Believe (It)…

Dec 22, 09 • ChristmasComments Off on I Don’t Believe (It)…

I've been alive for over half a century and once again, Christmas has sneaked right up on me.  You'd think that I would have figured out how to avoid this predicament.  I always try to get my act together and prepare for the season a little in advance, but it doesn't matter how well I plan.  My blog goals have slipped right by me without noticing – it's been over a week since my last post and I completely missed my Scripture Sunday, which I was determined not to do!  Not that anyone's life will be different without the cataloging and sharing of MY life, opinions or activities.  Sometimes life gets so busy in the actual living of it that recording it will have to be done by those "angels above us" that are "silent notes taking, of every action"…with the admonition of "Do what is right."  Having relationships with people, one on one, is even more important than sharing with the masses…and I say THAT totally tongue in cheek considering my huge quantity of visitors, which I appreciate nonetheless.  But I had a lot of fun last week, including a last trip to Disneyland with Meg to see the Christmas decorations before our passes were blocked out for holiday traffic.  But I would be remiss if I didn't share the creative talents of my daughter Megan, as well as acknowledging how much she inspires and motivates me to do things creative.  I doubt that I would be still doing as much in the creative home arts department if just the boys were at home with me.  Having a daughter like Megan in the house is so much fun!  (Don't worry, Christie and Liz…I love you too!)

Friday brought preparations for the cookie baking day, Saturday.  Dough was made and put in the freezer and frig…some for rolling out and cutting, others for rolling into balls.  Megan got up before dawn on Saturday and began baking.  By the time I got up at about 7:30am, she had already left me in the dust!  I did a little decorating with the really fun Martha Stewart cookie detailing frosting…really easy to use and it wasn't overly stiff, plus it dried nicely.  I love the chunky colored sugar!

After a good deal of decorating and some card making, we started boxing the treats and delivering to friends and neighbors.  We didn't bake up all the dough, but there are always more people to take treats to.  As much fun as it is, we are always happy to see the process over.  It usually takes until the next holiday for us to be in the mood, and since I am already working on Valentine's paper projects, perhaps I will have to take the lead on the next baking extravaganza so Megan can take a break!

Wrapping presents is what messes me up, but Christmas is almost here, so I'd better get started!  We will see what tomorrow brings!

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