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It is cold, no freezing outside!  When you live in San Diego, that's a true sign that winter is here.  By mid-day, it will be delightfully warm outside in the sunshine, but in my house, it definitely feels like winter.  That…and the fact that it's DECEMBER 1st and I haven't started decorating for Christmas yet can cause a good deal of panic at my house!  When I presented the idea of getting down the Christmas boxes from the attic shelf in the garage last night, my dear husband suggested that getting the laundry done first might be wise – I don't know…maybe because he needs to put the ladder somewhere!  So this morning, laundry is going full blast, next comes the dusting and cleaning, so that when he gets home this afternoon, there will be no excuses!  It is so much work to set it up that we like to have it around for at least the whole month of December, and frequently keep it around until the first full week of January is over.

Along with the cold weather and decorating, the Christmas season brings lots of handmade crafts, goodies and gifts.  I am attempting to actually handcraft a pile of gifts  this year and there are always things that get in the way.  But if I do one or two things a day, I can accumulate quite a stash.  Here are a couple of cards and a little quick neighbor, teacher or have on hand treat that doesn't go stale if immediate delivery isn't an option. 

These cards are mostly from Making Memories, with lined memo pad card from Jenni Bowlin Studios and EK Success Punches.

Next, is a yummy hot chocolate bag.  I saw something like this at Cracker Barrel in SLC when I was there for the wedding.  The funny thing was that when I went to Xpedex, I saw "carrot" bags and figured out that this was just what I was looking for, so I bought 200…sounds like a lot but they will go fast because each bag requires two bags: one with hot chocolate, which you twist tie off; the first one is slipped into the second, a small handful of chocolate chips and marshmallows.  I used 1/2 cup of hot chocolate powder to 2 cups of boiling water.  Add cute tags and it's a easy quick gift treat!


I do have something hanging over my head.  Last year my children gave me the coolest gift…Make My Own Monster.  They had great hopes that with all my creativity I would come up with something really cute.  Here's the problem…I worry too much about it!  I'm afraid that it won't be as cute as the children that have already created the ones on the website.  So, here it is, almost Christmas time again and I haven't done my monster.  My new worry is that if I don't finish my monster, I will get a lump of coal from my kids this Christmas!  Now that really worries me!  So this is on my list for today as well.  But now I've posted my blog, I can get to work!  Happy Holiday preparations!

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