Scripture Sunday #6 – In the Beginning…

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In the very first verse in the very first chapter of the very first book…Genesis, we read:

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Sky It continues to explain the six creative periods:  the earth was given form, light and darkness; dry land appeared and great waters; grass, herbs, trees, all yielding seeds after their own kind; a sun, moon and stars to give us light by day and by night; living creatures, both on the land, in the waters and in the sky that were then commanded to multiply; next came man and woman, created in His image, and they were given dominion over all the earth and commanded to be fruitful.

These scriptures give very little description of the actual process, but we only have to look around us to see the glorious design that is the result of the original Creation.

A year ago, in the Relief Society session of General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, President Dieter F. Uchtodorf gave a talk that hit home in such a powerful way that I immediately identified with it.  It is called "Happiness, Your Heritage".  Please take the time to read it…again, if you already have, or for the first time if you haven't.  I am adding a little short from Mormon Messages.  The visual, along with the audio, has a great impact.

I think the reason that this hit me so hard was because it explains so much of my personal desire, drive and behavior…why creating things is such an internal thing and part of my emotional make-up.  If we dig deep enough we can agree that we all experience this to some degree or another.  The musician, the artist, the builder, the gardener, the scientist, the doctor, the engineer – all create something, organize base materials to bring something tangible into existence.  But so does a father, a mother, a friend, a child…each will experience the need to create something that wasn't there before…a family, a friendship, an eternal relationship.  

The fact that we have this desire and power within us makes me ever more conscious of a Heavenly Father that has a hand in even my desires to design.  Although my work is nothing in comparison to the beauty of creation in the world around us, its kind of like a pre-school to the eternities ahead.  I hope that doesn't sound too simplistic or corny, but it became a "duh" or better still, an "ah ha!" moment for me.  It just gave me an insight into why I am the way I am.  There are  many people farther along in their schooling or progression than I.  I have to remember that it isn't a race, its a process that I just need to keep working on.  So create I will…I can't help myself!  It would probably be wrong to try.  I just need to channel it for good.  I'm so grateful for the knowledge that it's part of the design, the plan.  What a wonderful plan!

*Photo courtesy of Megan…thanks, Meg!

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