Just When You Thought it was Safe…

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Wicked Witch dippers

to pack up the Halloween things, here’s one more idea that you are NOT going to want to forget!  We just had one of those Relief Society “meetings” last night – a Holiday Baking Extravaganza.  Even though Halloween has passed, I had seen this incredibly hideous idea and I was afraid that I might forget about it if I didn’t follow through and make it before next year…and this is one that I don’t want to forget.

I was cruising around the Rhodes website and when all of a sudden this picture of a basket of ugly fingers was before me!  You have to go check these out!  I don’t want to pass on an idea or recipe that I haven’t personally tried, that is overly time consuming or hard to make.  So I had to try it: Wicked Witch Dippers.  Our extravaganza had 4 categories…Potluck Superstar, Kids in the Kitchen, Impress the In-laws and Spooky Sensations.  Can you guess which one I made them for? I won the category – okay, I was the only one that entered anything in that category, so the win was by default!

The ones on the website used a white bread roll dough, but I used the multi-grain roll dough – the seeds and color were perfect for my pudgy, grotesquely gruesome witch fingers.  These took a little time, and I know how I will do them differently next time.  I was a little rushed yesterday afternoon.  But they were quite a topic of conversation.  For some reason, the ladies were asking if I used a Sharpie or real nail polish to paint those black fingernails.  These are totally edible…you will find the secret on the link above!  I will definitely remember to make these monstrosities again!  I even have ideas on how to alter them for other possibilities, but that may have to wait until after Christmas.

Just a word of warning…these are probably not a good idea for anyone that is overly squeamish or might be insulted by the idea of a bowl of body (sort of looking) parts.  Personally, I think a bowl of spaghetti sauce would be perfect for dipping…cool visual, don’t you think?  (Help…I’ve been hanging around my ghoulish kids a lot lately!)  Thanks, Rhodes, for the great idea.

*justhelen tested, family approved!

There were some really great ideas and recipes at our UC 1st Ward Relief Society Holiday Baking Exstravaganza last night and I have asked for guests to share them with you.  Here’s a teaser for next week – something you will have to “Gobble, Gobble!” right up!

Gobble Gobble Turkey Cupcake

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