Just in Time for the Holidays…(read to the bottom – a surprise!)

Nov 25, 09 • Downloads, Scrapbooking3 Comments

All my Thanksgiving food shopping is done…I hope!  Thank heavens for Costco and the yummy cheese trays, cheap olives and artichoke dip.  I got a box in the mail from Pinecone Press and when I was going through the Options booklet from the Domestic Goddess kit, I noticed that on the page that has the recipe cards, there is a blurb about going to download the recipe card blanks at justhelen.typepad.com and I realized that I hadn't figured out how to get a PDF on the website yet!  But this is what drives me to figure things out…a hard deadline - it should have been done YESTERDAY!!!  I have other downloads I want to do that will just be easy to use and fun to share, so now is as good a time as ever to "get 'er done"!  And if I can't figure it out, I have a web-savvy son that LOVES to help his aged mother!

In my box I got from Pinecone today, I received an extra kit that I would be happy to share with someone.  With all the expense for Christmas coming up, it's a hard time to be buying things for yourself, so leave me a comment and on BLACK FRIDAY I will randomly pick someone to send it off to as a BLACK FRIDAY give-away!  But sorry, this time it will only be one lucky winner!  HOWEVER…I want to do a bunch of give-aways for the holidays, so keep coming back for card, layouts, neighbor gifts and holiday baking recipes, tips and ideas - you won't miss out on notification for the give-aways.

Check in on Thursday or Friday.  After I get that big bird in the oven, I will have a little time for blogging.  I have a sale code from Little Miss Matched that you will definitely want to check out for some special BLACK FRIDAY deals.  So have a Happy Thanksgiving and I'll see you on Thursday or Friday for sure!

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3 Responses to Just in Time for the Holidays…(read to the bottom – a surprise!)

  1. Jess Green says:

    I love the holidays!!!

  2. christy robinson says:

    I love that you are blogging Helen! and doing give-aways too!:)

  3. Jordan says:

    I love a good give away!

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