And the Winner Is…

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Everyone!  I didn't tell you how many coupons I had because I didn't know how many comments I would get, but THIS time I have something for everyone!  Aren't you excited?  I am!  To claim your prize, I will need your addresses…unless you think you will run into me tomorrow, where I will have an envelope and your coupon waiting for you.  Otherwise, I will email you and you can respond to me privately.  Thanks to everyone for participating and I will keep you "posted" for the next give-away!

I finally got Halloween put away today…that is, except for the one or two things that I inevitably miss – the spider glass that was hiding in someone's room…unwashed, and a black cat on the doorknob.  It's just little reminders of other holidays that I don't really mind.  At least now I have no "ambiance" excuse for the dust and cobwebs around the house.  This is probably the hardest time of year for me…seasonally decorating wise.  It's not that I'm not thankful…I am, everyday!  I just don't decorate for Thanksgiving, with the exception of a fall plaid tablecloth and fall flowers.  

With the scrapbooking projects I do for print (and RS Super Saturday), I always work on Christmas in the summertime, so I've done a lot of layouts and cards already.  So although these aren't fresh off the scrap table, here are a couple of layouts to get you in the mood for the start of the next season…winter, snow and Christmas! 

I love the Jolly By Golly line by Cosmo Cricket.  We used the paper at our Super Saturday and all the ladies loved it.  I love the more traditional red and greens, but I LOVE the yummy pastels and whimsical design of Jolly…I can't wait to make more projects with it!  More to come soon!



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