Shiny Faces in the Hood

Oct 16, 09 • Family Stuff, From The Past4 Comments

Car 3

I love old things.  Some go by the definition of antique, some vintage and others classic.  I like antique furniture, vintage linens and especially old people.  These are they that have endured the hazards of tangible existence and survived to be admired and loved by a new generation.  They have a history.

Then there’s classic cars.  It’s not something that I have been able to collect, but I do so admire them.  My way of taking them home comes in the form of photos.  While the cars may not be wearing their original factory color, the restored models are bright and shiny and, well…classic and cool!  It’s kind of like a whole body make-over!  While attending a classic car show in Del Mar, I found myself particularly interested in the front of the cars.  They looked like faces – headlights were the eyes, the hood ornament the nose and the grill the smile.  And smiling was what it looked like to me!  Can you see it? 

Car 1

Car 4

Car 5 
Car 2

If I looked this good at their age, I’d smile too!  Here’s to becoming a beautiful vintage person.  I am not, however, getting a grill!

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4 Responses to Shiny Faces in the Hood

  1. Helen says:

    I was trying to remember back if I took the photos before or after the movie “Cars” from Disney/Pixar Studios; can’t remember for sure, so it could have been a little influence there…or did they get their ideas from me? Heck, at this point I’m just going to say that great eyes see alike:)

  2. Maybe it’s unintentional, but the front section of the car looks like a face. It’s great that you found humor in it, in any case. It kind of gives them a bigger persona, which goes well with giving the cars names.

  3. Vickie Jarvis says:

    Helen — you make me laugh. I love reading about life from your perspective — vroom, vroom.

  4. Diane says:

    Phun photos! I’m glad I got rid of my grill.

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